Investors for agricultural project in Russia -Pskov

Investors for agricultural project in Russia -Pskov

Dear ladies and gentlemen,


we are looking for investors to develop a big, high profit promising agricultural project in Pskov region, the western part of Russia.

Two former kolkhozes (state collective farms) are bought out by us to be rebuilt into modern agricultural units by highly experienced German specialists.

Obvious advantages of your investments into the above mentioned project are:

1. there are large arable areas available for pasture and corn growing, 25.000 ha (61,800 ac) as well as 10.000 ha (24,700 ac) of forests;

2. the latest research of the area confirms it to be one of the most passing for animal husbandry and potatoes, corn and berry growing;

3. the project is expected to bring high profits as there is very big demand for domestic agricultural production in Russia (vegetables, corn, berries, livestock meat);

4. it takes considerably short period of time to reach these high profits because of the available large agricultural areas and personnel to be trained and guided by highly qualified European specialists;

5. the quality of agricultural production must correspond to the most modern world standards which gives vast possibilities to implement modern technologies and machinery in the project;

6. thus, your kind investments are sure to help to change the world for the better as development of the agricultural areas absolutely improves social life in the region by creating of more new work places and training the available personnel to work according to the lastest world standards;

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7. do not hesitate, do change the world and invest; your efforts are to be paid back, prove it.

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Dieter Staudt,
Prospekt Nepokorennich 17,
Sankt-Petersburg, 195220

Phone: 007-812-4479159,
Mobil: +7-9218786281,
Fax: 007-812-4474493

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